Frequently Asked Questions
Please note that this app is a work in progress. Improvements will constantly be made. Feel free to report bugs or requests, but please be understanding. This is a new project!
What is this?
This is an army builder site that is intended to (one day) be configurable with any rule set or game type. There are a lot of miniatures games and they all have their own formats, from units with upgrades to heroes with warriors to things as simple as just single units with points.
But why though?
I made list builders for 6 games at this point. 4 were for fun/passion and 2 were for clients. I don't have time to make more. I've had people ask me if they can pay me to build them a new list builder for a game they're making or their favorite game to play. The hope is that they won't have to pay anyone and can just use this site to configure the game themselves!
I have a game I'm working on. How can I get support?
Start with emailing me at and telling me a little bit about your game, specifically how the list building rules work. There are a lot of games that I want to support, but I'll start with the ones with the most similarites to what I already support, so I can cover as much ground as fast as possible.
Why do I have to join Patreon to save my armies?
A few reasons: One is that due to the modular nature of this app, I have to save more data than I would for a game that I catered to from the ground up. This isn't a big deal with just a few people, but if thousands or tens of thousands of people are saving armies with large amounts of data, costs are going to get out of control. Another is that I intend to work directly with anyone who is trying to get their game supported. This is going to take a lot of work and time! I need food and to heat my house!
Where can I find game files for a game?
Your best bet, if you know game files exist for a game, is to ask in that game's community on Reddit or Discord or Facebook groups. I will not host games directly without the direct permission of the game's developers